If Christians believe that Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully human, then we need to remember that our flesh and blood humanity matters. Plus Dr. Mike reveals why he loves "Dracula Jesus"! WHY JC? Pt 1

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Michael PetrowPARABLE
Sex and Sexuality

In our latest controversial topic we take it all the way back to the Garden of Eden to take a fresh look about what the Bible says about our reality as sexual creatures created in the image of God... and Dr. Mike rants about how we misunderstand it.

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Sometimes our greatest growth comes in the moments when we are forced to slow down and live day by day without knowing what is going to happen next. We also look back on one year of Parable in Easton, and Dr. Mike shares stories of getting hopelessly lost in the dark.

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Jung and Healthy

We discuss why ancient Christians thought it was so important to understand the state of our own souls, and then look at Carl Jung's ideas about the Persona, the Shadow and our Self for a quick self awareness check up!

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Psychology and me

How has psychology effected the way we do spirituality? Or the way Christians understand the Bible or think about the soul? Does it actually help us to be healthy? And does the Bible really say the human heart is deceptive and gross?

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We need to learn to cooperate with the seasons of life so that in every loss we can experience a resurrection. Dr. Mike also tells the story of how an old friend outed a secret, and KCP talks about the wisdom of tarantulas. 

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Michael Petrow