3. Job v VISION

Job's vision of love gives us the key to understanding this most difficult of Biblical stories and the entire spiritual life of the Christian. Pastor Mike reveals his love of fancy words when he describes his theory of AGAPIC INTELLIGENCE. We begin to explore the secret to the entire book and to spiritual growth in general: how our losses in life help us grow into love. And in a fitting irony, we nearly lost the recording of this sermon altogether. (PLEASE NOTE: this is a VERY BAD recording of a GREAT sermon.) Due to technical difficulties this back up recording was made using an iPhone. Apologies for the poor quality, Mike will be re-recording this teaching  in his closet eventually so a higher quality version will be available. But if you want the live energy, this is what we have, and is very much worth a listen.

Job's RESTORATION part 3 / Learning from the Life of Job part 22.