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Holy-day Presents

We continue discussing our new callings for 2018, & Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol--which Dr. Mike insists is really a NEW YEAR's story! This week we discuss how the Spirit meets us IN THE PRESENT,  reveal one or two details form the story you probably don’t know, including the reason Dickin’s wrote it in the first place! Also Christmas present mishaps and shenanigans. 

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Haunted Holidays

Have you ever been haunted by the past? Dr. Mike uses one of his favorite stories to discuss how  holidays and holy days work, especially Christmas (his fav) and New Years (his least fav)--reflecting on the past in the present to change the future. 

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Too many of us spend our lives like actors in a play, and we spend too much time trying to put on a good face--a PERSONA--for prayer. Instead, prayer could be the one place we are honest enough to find our authentic selves. Dr. Mike also discusses his nearly fatal hatred of one particular bug, and how to let go of things that bug us without ignoring them. 

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