w.t.Hell pt 3

Our last two controversial ideas on Hell: Some people think the idea is a misunderstanding of divine revelation! Some people think Hell is just metaphor used to point us to deeper truths! We look beyond to the living spirit of all the ideas we covered, & Dr. Mike shares his worst funeral blunder & mourns his lost beard!  

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W.T.Hell? Pt2

More controversial and conflicting ideas about what Hell is and why it matters! Dr. Mike discusses his mom's more creative attempts at behavior modification, why he loves to debate Predestination problems, and the hope of Total Restoration. 

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Michael PetrowPARABLE
w.t.Hell pt 1

 Dr. Mike shares traumatic stories about the way the idea of Hell has scared him, scarred him, & subjected him to bad theater, as we begin looking at different Christian views on Hell: Is it a bad place for bad people? Is it the sad fate of unbelievers? It it the threat of fading away when you die? Why are some people so obsessed with it?  

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Ground Rules #2

We finish up GROUND RULES for divisive topics, and look at some moments in Christian history for clues for how we can be aware when we slip into out of love into CRUSADER MODE. Dr. Mike also confesses why he hates when people find out he is a pastor, the room gets rowdy, and we gear up for whats next…

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Michael Petrow
Hello Neighbor

Continuing The Good Samaritan, we talk about what it means to be a neighbor, and who we are supposed to love. Dr. Mike talks about his worst neighbors, and how his grandfather's bad behavior led to there always being an extra seat at the dinner table. 

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We ask who our personal "Samaritans" are--the people that we think are just plain WRONG, geographically, religiously, sexually, politically--as we discuss the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Dr. Mike also reveals why he picks up hitchhikers! 

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