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  • An Unapologetically Christ Centered Community OPEN AND ACCEPTING of  ALL PEOPLE at every level of Faith or Skepticism, Held Together by Love.


  • Parable is a nourishing place for thinking Christians.


  • Parable is a place where we study the sacred stories in order to learn to read our own lives as sacred stories.


  • Parable is a centering place for those seeking the still small voice of the Spirit.


  • Parable is a refuge for souls in repair and a safe place for the spiritually abused.


  • Parable is an outpost for the earnestly unorthodox--open to all regardless of race, gender, sexuality or politics. 


  • Parable is a place where helpers seek to serve those in need through love in action.




Please Help!!

Parable Church is 100% funded by friends and family. We crave your financial and emotional support in turning this vision into a reality. Please help us raise the funds we need for rent and raw materials so our little group can grow into a full fledged congregation shining a light of love in our area.  Join our funding family by making a one time or recurring donation. Also please pray for us, and say nice things about us or to us!